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What happens when you take a highly modified Suzuki GSXR1100 motorcycle motor, and put it in a custom built, open wheel race car, that doesn't quite weight 1,000 lbs?

You set a TRACK RECORD!!! Press the "X" arrow(s) below the YOUTUBE Logo for FULL SCREEN action, and see how it's DONE!!! This is one of our drivers (Lawrence Loshak), in his own car... (The Car is Baddddddddd!, The Driver is Great! Press Play and Hang on in the corners....)

                                                                            Jack Armstrong - CFO DPR Racing

Want to know what 206MPH looks like from inside a streamliner?

We didn't help build or drive this car, but team USC shows what the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, looks like, from a drivers point of view. See how fast you have to go, to peel duct tape off your car.....(Make sure you watch in "HD", FULLSCREEN!!! --- keep your eyes on the piece of duct tape --- LOL ---) a fantastic 206 MPH run down 5 miles of Salt! Great Job, and our congratulations, to the whole USC Engineering team and their driver! (note: It's SO flat our here, you can look at the horizon, and actually see the curvature of the Earth!)

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