Dan Paramore’s Racing History

1969 - Under the careful training of his father and an engineer working with JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and NASA; Dan builds his first complete engine. He more than doubled its horsepower. He continued with upgrades to his custom off road car including tubular chassis, and a mid mounted engine. He became the youngest to ever drive on the famous ASCOT raceway.

1970 - Not satisfied with the performance modifications available for two cycle motorcycle engines, Dan Paramore draws on his four cycle experience to increase volume metric efficiencies. His goal is not only horsepower, but the much needed torque and wider power bands, targeted for many different applications. He spends the next four years in serious study, research, and practical application; and working for DG, A&D, Yamaha, and FMF with the aid of a Superflo bench. He developed several new cutting edge recipes for the two cycle engine from the airfilter to the exhaust outlet. Also starts more serious dirt riding

1973 - Opens shop for porting services. Moves up to 500cc bike for training only.

1974 - Expands with Paramore Performance Products. Adds Precision Trials bike Riding to improve balance and handling skills. Prior to championship open practices only on 125cc.

1975 - Wins 125cc championship. Focus on racing engine development including new ideas for air intake, filters, manifolds, ports, expansions chambers.

1977 - Sponsors national expert Ricky “ The Flying Pollock” Improves rear suspension dynamics , adds 1 inch to current suspensions

1978 - Builds the most powerful bike at the AMA Nationals. The Suzuki factory team protests the four year old motorcycle for having an illegal displacement (175cc) and puts up the protest money. Suzuki is embarrassed when officials find the engine to be under the maximum displacement and is 100% legal.

1980 - Invited to Japan to help train riders, and modify motocross bikes. Awarded medal by Japan Motorcycle Federation. Tours Japan by Motorcycle. Visits a race shop not interested in Dan`s performance services.

1982 - Hired by same performance shop that had rejected him. Successful at porting their cylinder heads.

1983 - Moves up to head of foreign operations in USA. Dan married in Japan

1984 - Builds drag race, and road race heads for Kawasaki , Suzuki, Honda

1985 - Sponsored rider Nakajima: wins road race 500ccchampionship

1986 - Builds drag race, road race heads for Kawasaki , Suzuki, Honda Sponsored rider Nakajima wins road race championship500cc again.

1987 - Sponsored rider Bruce Tebo: wins championship 1100cc Nakajima wins endurance races 500cc Rod Griffin takes quick street honors

1988 - Hired full time by Toyota Racing Development. Toyota is desperate to dominate

1989 - IMSA GTP SERIES Ruled by Nissan ( ported and developed about 500 GTP heads and Ivan Stewart’s off road heads. Dominates all classes entered.

1990 - Ported about 500 heads for Toyota race team


1999 - Dan was brought on board to do Research and development for Honda Goldwing and Valkyrie engines.

2002 - Set a land speed record with Progress Auto, and WORLD's FASTEST HONDA GB/ALT!!!

2002 - Develops Valkyrie and Goldwing for the Mag Super Charger competition head by Lamont

2002 - Joe Demaree wins 2002 NOPI Drag Series - While taking top honors in the NOPI Drag Series, Joe managed a full Drag schedule in 2002 also claiming 3rd overall in NHRA Pro Class with DPR engine.

2002 - 615 whp Street MR2 Shooting for 700+ - 615 wheel HP street MR2 has just begun. With more tuning and a shot of NOS 700+ with DPR engine.

2002 - Attend "Offroad Expo" as a sponsor, contributor, and vendor, largest offroad show so far!!!

2003 - Contracted to go after Land Speed Record by Christian Ray. Incorporate valve train component upgrades. Our "BONNEVALK" Successfully broke the Land Speed record: full feature article in Cruiser Magazine and Honda America’s corporate magazine, Red Rider.

2003 - Set a land speed record in South Africa, Fastest Lotus!!!

2003 - Set a World and Land speed record in Bonneville Utah, World's Fastest Honda Car!!!

2003 - Set another land speed record Bonneville Utah, Fastest Honda Bike!!!

2003 - Pikes Peak, "Rim of the World" Rally record champions, with 2.5 litre motor

2003 - Ice Racing Champion - Mike Moser, Clinches the Canadian Ice Racing Championship with consistent driving and 1st place win with DPR's help

2004 - Kenny Lion set several records, all sponsored by Dan Paramore. GoldWing Project

2006 - Lesher racing contracted Dan as a consultant on team racing projects. Together they developed the _Kawasaki something__ engine.

2007 - Broke all World records for horsepower (by 1 hp). Engine _ Kawasaki something _ (Kawasaki for road racing application)

2007 - Back to Pike Peak to the "Rim of the World" rally with Subaru team, making a mess of the competition

2007 - Contracted to R & D, then modify Nissan "Patrol" TD42 Diesel head - result was an extensively modified head, to be the ultimate in RPM, performance and durability. Custom oversize inconal racing valves, lightweight dished low compression swirl polished. With specific proprietary angles for optimum air flow, margins radiused for greater flow and durability in high temperatures.

2008 - Contracted to restore, and improve vintage bike designs (Harley and Ducatti). This was for restoration projects needing more power to meet today’s demands. Later worked on BMW motorcycle head design for improved flow and power.

2008 - Research and Develop heads for Mini Cooper racing efforts, and produce highest HP mini engine yet...

2009 - Developed Honda Ruckus project in collaboration with Mike Kojima at Moto IQ.

2009 - Worked with Subaru racing team to develop and build first performance camshafts for AVCS EJ20, EJ25 engines

2010 - Worked with vintage Nissan racing team to develop 280Z - L28 inline six engine and cylinder head modifications to produce over 350 hp, normally aspirated, on pump gas, to use car as exhibition "drifter/formula-d" show car.

2010 - Bring in technical expert, and former racer Jack Armstrong, to help keep website current, aid in the research and development division, organize office, and accounting departments, organize inventory, storage, and manage licenses and contracts. Restore two vintage Formula Ford/Lotus race cars for "Vintage Racing" in the U.K. Asked by Toyota Museum for anything we may have to put in the Ivan Stewart Offroad display.

2011 - Move shop to new "secret location", expand R & D department, expand ability to fabricate parts, enhance online documentation, upgrade flow bench, upgrade computer system, upgrade accounting system, upgrade phone system,upgrade web site.

2011 - Dan goes to Japan to work on another vintage racing restoration project. Dan continues doing extensive work on Mini Cooper heads, and develops the Mini Cooper Patent Pending "Sniper" Valve guide, eliminating burnt exhaust valves in high boost supercharged and turbocharged engines. DPR works work Dodge R/T club to re-design Dodge Magnum 360 heads to improve flow, and extreme combustion chamber modifications. Build Super EVO heads for Mitsubishi team.

Bottom Line: Dans racing roots goes back to before he was born his racing father set a land speed record with a Porsche that he modified himself. Against the grain his father modified raced and often won with imported cars possessing engines one half to one fourth the size of the popular American hot rods of the 50’s. Although his father had set a career as an engineer working with Northrup, JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and NASA he always loved making cars faster and better. He retires early to expand the “hobby” at his shop A & D Buggies, in San Pedro California.

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