DPR Racing was founded over 60 years ago. Bringing together expertise from a variety of different racing disciplines, DPR's founder, Dan Paramore and his family, created one of the most recognized brand names in the business and a powerful reputation for premium quality work in an emerging market.

Since its founding, DPR Racing Heads has captured numerous records and a host of features in publications spanning the automotive spectrum. DPR equipped turbo/nitrous Hondas were at the forefront of constant drag strip record breaking in 1995-1996, as well as sweeping the Glen Helens 1-2 1600 championship series, capturing first, second, and third. In 1997, DPR Hondas captured several records in drag classes while DPR road racing cars captured numerous event wins in Formula racing. In 1998, the red Integra and yellow Supra awed the crowds while the Prelude cleaned up at road events, including at the LA Grand Prix.

Additionally, two land speed records were shattered with American Honda and a Formula F championship was captured. DPR was literally "Racing Around the World"; track support, representing American Honda. Seminars, charity and club events packed Dan's and his crew's 24/7 schedule. "I have been in the racing business for 40 years now. It is always a challenge and learning experience. I have been blessed with a very enjoyable racing life. I love it and I hope you all can enjoy also." DPR, its cars, and crew have been featured hundreds of times in dozens of magazines and TV advertisements in and out of the USA. DPR has developed into more than a technological leader and influences the market by getting involved in all aspects of the racing industry, not forgetting the grassroots racers, the community, and the fans.

We are happy to welcome Jack Armstrong, as CFO of DPR Racing, to the team. Jack brings in 35 years plus experience, including a professional motocross title, factory racing development in Japan, many hours piloting airplanes, and helicopters, network software engineer, with great mechanical and R & D skills. What really shines the greatest is his computer and Business Management skills. Jack will help with the shop and office flow, so Dan's time can be spent on engines and heads all day. Having Jack on board will help keep us on the cutting edge of technology and get our products out on time.   (view the cronology of DPR...) or (continue off road...) or (an interview with Dan...)

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