Professional Driving and Racing Schools

Driving and Racing Schools

  There are a number of types of Driving Schools out there, and a number of different ways of categorizing them. For simplicity we are going to break this into two major categories. There are Racing Schools, and general High Performance Driving Schools, with some functional overlap between the different types -- for example, a high performance school won't teach you some racing techniques (starts, passing in corners, etc.) but it will allow you to sample driving at the limit and refine your technique in a controlled environment, and decide whether racing is really for you. There are schools which supply the cars, and schools where you are expected to supply a suitable car. There are professional schools, and there are various Club Schools.

  Without endorsing ANY of the schools or clubs listed, we made our choice of "popular schools/clubs", based on knowledge we have gained over the last 60 years or racing, building cars, engines, and cylinder heads, for Professionals, Teams, Amateurs, Weekenders, Street Racers, and being around the people who just like to speed. This is NOT a complete list of schools by any means, just a small sample of some school names you may have heard before.

  Our advise is; If you want to race, and learn to do it well, go to a school, and learn from racers (not just friends), and learn everything you can about the type of racing you want to participate in. Get "licensed" to drive your race car. Contact the sanctioning organization (NHRA, SCCA, NASCAR), join, register, and participate in regular events to hone your skills, while continuing to learn to drive, race, and become a competing sportsman. Make sure you contribute experience and knowledge to the sanctioning organizations to help them keep racing safer, faster, and more fun, to watch and drive in, because that is what they are there for.

•   American Racing Academy (Racing & High Performance Schools)
•   Barber Racing (Racing & High Performance Schools)
•   Bertil Roos (Racing & High Performance Schools)
•   Bondurant (Racing & High Performance Schools)
•   BSR (Bill Scott Racing)
•   Car Guys (High Performance Schools)
•   Driving Dynamics
•   Panoz Racing (Racing & High Performance Schools)
•   Russell Racing (Racing & High Performance Schools)
•   Stephens Brothers Racing
•   TrackTime (Racing & High Performance Schools)
•   SCCA (Racing Schools)
•   NASA (Racing Schools)
•   MCSCC (Racing Schools)
•   ICSCC (Racing Schools)
•   BMW CCA (Racing & High Performance Schools)

Racing Schools

  There are two general categories of Racing Schools: those put on by sanctioning bodies such as the SCCA for their members, often at a financial loss, and professional schools such as The Skip Barber Racing School , Russell Racing Schools, and the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving , who are trying to make money offering racing schools. Each type has strengths and weaknesses, and there is also some variation from one to the next. Sanctioning body schools usually expect you to supply personal gear and a race car (either you own it or you rent it), while professional schools generally supply the race car, and most of the necessary personal gear. The price for professional racing schools is correspondingly higher.

High Performance Driving Schools

  High performance schools differ somewhat from Racing schools in that the emphasis is on basic driving technique, as opposed to racing technique. In general, high performance schools work on the "fast line" as opposed to the "racing line" (often not exactly the same thing), prohibit passing in corners, and in general don't permit behavior that looks like racing. Many professional racing schools also offer high performance classes.

 There are two classes of high performance schools; one type generally supplies street cars, and uses a relatively small number of instructors who mostly observe from outside the car. The other type generally relies on students to supply cars, and uses a larger number of instructors who ride with the students to provide more direct feedback. The former schools are generally more expensive, and are always for profit, professional operations. The latter schools are cheaper, and are divided between for profit, professional operations and so-called Marque or Club schools. Note that often the Marque schools are very high quality, especially those put on by the Porsche Club of America. and the BMW Car Club of America. Autocross/Solo II
Autocross is an extremely inexpensive and safe way to participate in competitive motorsports. In general, any safe, street legal vehicle can compete without any significant modifications (although heavily modified vehicles may be at a disadvantage due to the rules structure -- a heavily prepared, supercharged drag racer is unlikely to make a good and competitive autocross car.)
Autocross and Solo II events are "Time Trial" style competitions; there is no wheel to wheel racing involved, as cars are sent out one at a time, or at least spaced out so that they should not come into any contact with each other. These events are derived from the original Gymkhana competitions from 50s and 60s. Today, an event called a Gymkhana is usually a "fun" event, with slow speeds and silly tricks. An event called an Autocross or Solo II is usually a serious competition, with speeds perhaps as much as 70mph in large lots or on airport runways.
In general, a course is laid out using traffic cones; time penalties will charged for disturbing cones. For most clubs the penalty is 2 seconds per cone, although for some it may be 1 second.



"Featured School"

Skip Barber Racing School
(CA, CT, FL, GA, WI & Many Other States) (Formula Racing) Skip Barber-trained drivers have won every major U.S. auto racing championship. Cars: Formula Skip Barber, 150hp 2-liter, 5-speed, 1.2g’s, 1250 lbs, 0-60mph 4.5 sec., 0-100mph 8.2 sec., top speed 135mph.

"Additional Formula Racing Schools"

Bertil Roos Racing School (NJ, PA, VA) (F2000 Racing)
Cars: 150hp Formula 2000 racecar, 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, 130mph in the draft and pull up to 2g's in the corners. Fulfill requirements needed for an S.C.C.A. license.

Elite Autosport (IL) (Race Car Rental)
Race car rentals, sales and "arrive & drive" services. Cars: SCCA Spec Racer Ford, 105hp 1.9 liter engine, car weighs 1670 lbs. with driver and goes up to 135mph.

Jim Russell Racing Drivers School (CA) (Formula Racing)
Jim Russell founded the racing school industry in 1957. Cars: FRJ-50 Formula Car, 220hp 2.0 liter, 5-speed, weight 1,025 lbs., 0-60mph -4 sec.& up to 3g's in the corners.

Mario Andretti Racing School (Many States, Check Schedule)
(Indy Racing) Drive full sized Indy-style Race Cars! Cars: Full sized, Indy-style Race Cars with a top speed of 145mph to 180mph, depends on program & will vary according to track size.

Pro Drive Driving School (OR) (Spec Ford Racing)
School is for an aspiring racers, or enthusiasts that want to experience the thrill of driving a real race car. Cars: SCCA Spec Ford, open cockpit, rear engine race car.

Pro One Motorsports Driving School (IL) (Formula Racing)
Driving school, arrive & drive and other services available. Cars: Formula Mazda race cars.

Rotary Rockets (Many States, Check Wesite for Tracks)
Formula Mazda race series & race school! (Formula Racing) Cars: 185hp Mazda 13B rotary, 5-speed and 1140 lbs.

Track Attack Racing School (IN) (Spec Ford Racing)
Cars: 120 mph SCAA Spec Race Cars.



"Featured School"

Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving (AZ)
Over 90,000 Graduates since 1968! Internationally recognized as the leading authority on advanced driver training. Bob Bondurant has been at the forefront of professional driving instruction since 1968. Cars: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 405-hp, 5.7 Liter V8. Cars: Chevrolet Corvette C-5, 350-hp, 5.7 Liter V8. Cars: Cadillac CTS, 220 hp 3.2 liter V6, 24 valve. Cars: Formula Bondurant 110 HP, 1.6 Ford Cortina. Cars: SVT Cobra Mustang 320 HP, 4.6L, 4V, V8. Cars: Mustang GT 260 HP, 4.6L, 2V, V8. Cars: Pontiac GTO 350 HP, 5.7Liter V8. Group programs & special events available.

"Additional Perfomance Driving Schools"

American Racing Academy (NV)
Driving programs with BMW Z3 roadsters! Cars: Dinan tuned BMW Z3 track prepared Roadsters. Corporate programs available.
Audi Driving Experience (FL, GA, TX)
Audi high performance driving & advanced handling! Corporate programs available. Cars: Audi cars
Bob Cornish Graduate School of Auto Racing (CA)
Road Racing Coaching!
Bobby Ore Motorsports (CA, FL)
High performance driving, drifting, stunt driving, VIP chaffeur training and Counter Terrorist Driving!
Bridgestone Winter Driving School (CO)
Winter rally & performance driving! Gain extensive understanding of front, rear & all-wheel drive vehicles in a low grip situation & rally techniques. Corporate programs available. Car: Drive your own vehicle.
Protective driving, tactics & driving skills. Driver Training Schools for highway safety, high performance driving, security and police pursuit. Cars: Police car specifications
Car Guys (MD & Other Scheduled Venues)
Cars: Become an expert driver in your own vehicle. The Car Guys model is based on the Porsche Club of America and BMW Car Club of America schools. Corporate programs available.
Cobra Racing Adventures (AZ, CA, DC, NV, PA, TX)
Strap yourself into a V-8 powered Cobra! Cars: FFR 275hp Cobra Spec Racer, students reach speeds of 100mph to 140mph+ on track. Corporate programs available.
Danny McKeever's Fast Lane Racing School (CA)
Drive Toyota Celica GTS race cars? High performance driving: (You can bring your own car) Drifting school: (You must bring your own car) Cars: Toyota Celica GTS (race prepared) Corporate programs available.


Stock Car Fabrication School
"The Launch Pad for Motor Sports Careers"

9 week training and certification courses. Hedgecock's program will teach you to build a stock car from scratch and track test as a class. Whether you want to be a driver, an owner, a fabricator, a mechanic, a crew chief or work on the pit crew - understanding how to fabricate a stock car from the ground up is the foundation to any motor sports racing career.



"Featured School"

Richard Petty Driving Experience™ (AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, NC, NH, NV, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI)
Cars: 550-700hp 358ci Winston Cup Stock Cars with Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus, Dodge Intrepid, and Pontiac Grand Prix race cars, 3400 lbs. Corporate programs available.

"Additional Stock Car Driving Schools"

Baby Grand StockCars (AK, KY, WV)
Cars: Baby Grand StockCars uses a 125hp Yamaha XJR1300 engine to produce a 10:1 power to weight ratio, max speed could exceed 140 mph!
Buck Baker Racing School (GA, NC, SC, TN)
Learn the techniques needed to compete! Cars: NASCAR 358ci Ford & Chevy race cars have seen Nascar competition, detuned to 630hp. Cars are capable of 160mph+ at Atlanta and 145mph+ at Rockingham. Corporate programs available.
Cleveland Speedway Driving School (OH)
Learn chassis setup and driving! Cars: Late model race cars. Cars: Bring your own race car. Corporate programs available.
Competitive Edge Racing School (ID, UT, WA)
Learn the Fundamentals of auto racing! Cars: 435hp NASCAR – style Chevy V-8 Monte Carlo. Corporate programs available
Dale Jarrett Racing School (AL, CA, GA, IL, KS, KY, NC)
Cars: Actual Winston Cup and Busch race cars using Ford Taurus, Pontiac Grand Prix & Chevy Monte Carlos. Max speed of 165 mph capable on some tracks. Corporate programs available.
Dan Holtz Complete Auto Racing Experience (AZ, CA, CO)
NASCAR Race Cars or Craftsman Trucks! Cars: 400hp Winston Cup style stock cars. Trucks: 400hp Craftsman style race trucks. Corporate programs available.
DriveTech Racing School (AZ, CA, CO, FL)
Cars: NASCAR Southwest Series, 400hp Chevrolet 350, 2,600 lbs. and 30% lighter than Winston Cup design. Corporate programs available.
Fast Track High Performance School (NC)
Drive a Winston Cup style stock car! Cars: Winston Cup style stock cars are Chevy, Ford, Dodge & Pontiac, some competed on the racing circuit, 70mph to 165mph depending on track conditions & skill. Corporate programs available.
FinishLine Racing School (FL, GA, VA)
Many options! (Mechanics training is available) Cars: 500hp 355ci Chevy Monte Carlo & Camaro. Cars: 500hp Modified & Super Modified race car. Cars: 550hp NASCAR Grand American Modified. Cars: 600hp 364ci NASCAR Tour Modified car. Cars: 600hp 358ci Chevy Silverado Stock Truck. Cars: 600hp 358ci Chevy Silverado NASCAR. Truck: Craftsman Super Truck.
Ken Bouchard's Tour Modified School (CT)
Open-wheeled Tour Modified racing. Cars: Real Featherlite Tour Modifieds with 358ci racing motors, 4 barrel carbs & 4 speed manual transmissions.
NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway (Virtual Racing) (AL, CA, GA, IL, MI, MO, MN, NC, NY, SC, TN, TX)
Simulators operate like a real stock car with clutch, gas and brake pedals, steering wheel and a stick shifter. You have a choice of driving automatic or manual transmission. Cars:Full motion Stock Car simulator moves & feels real!
Performance Race Training Center (CA)
Have the time of your life in a stock car! The Race Training Center at Irwindale Speedway is one of the finest motorsports training facilities anywhere. Cars: 450hp NASCAR stock cars. Corporate programs available.
Race On Driving Experience (TN)
Drive an actual stockcar that has been raced in NASCAR! Cars: Real NASCAR Busch Grand National stock cars! Corporate programs available.
Richard Petty Driving Experience™ (AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, NC, NH, NV, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI)
Cars: 550-700hp 358ci Winston Cup Stock Cars with Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus, Dodge Intrepid, and Pontiac Grand Prix race cars, 3400 lbs. Corporate programs available.
SpeedTech Racing School (FL, GA, KY, NC, TN)
Experience a NASCAR race car! Cars: 600hp NASCAR race cars. Corporate programs available.
Stock Car Racing Experience (CA)
Cars: 600hp Winston Cup Style Stock Cars including Grand Prix, Taurus, Monte Carlo and Dodge Intrepid. Corporate programs available.
Sutton Stock Car School (NC)
The Sutton Stock Car racing school training is designed around a one to one relationship between the race car driver and the driver's coach to improve your driving skills. Cars: NASCAR BUSCH Series, NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck, NASCAR Late Model Stock, IPOWER Dash, USAR Hooters Pro Cup & ARCA.
Team Texas (TX)
Cars: Real Winston Cup Stock cars that were purchased from Nascar Winston Cup & Busch Grand National teams and you can reach speeds of up to 150mph. Corporate programs available.
The Racing School (CT, CO, FL, GA, IA, KS, NC, NJ,
PA, TN, VA, WI) NASCAR & Winston Cup race cars! Stock cars, trucks and Modified's. Cars: 500 plus horsepower Winston Cup style race cars. Cars: Two Open-Wheeled NASCAR Featherlite Modifieds. Trucks: We also have a couple of Race Trucks. The Ultimate Short Track Experience (MO) Drive a Stock Car on a 30 Degree High Banked Half Mile Track! You can drive or ride in an authentic Winston Cup, Busch Grand National Race Car or Craftsman Truck! Cars: Competition driven Stock Cars. Truck: Chevy Craftsman truck.
Tracktime Driving School (CA, FL, IL, IN, MI, NY, VA, WI)
Drive a Stock Car race car today! Cars: Stock Cars are actual 358ci competition driven cars. Urban Youth Racing School (PA) Empowering and encouraging young people through educational initiatives.
URaceIt (CA)
Driving school offering NASCAR style stock cars, Craftsman Truck style trucks and Grand American modifieds. Cars: NASCAR style stock cars. Cars: Grand American modifieds. Trucks:Craftsman style trucks



Billy Pauch Racing School (NJ & Other Scheduled States)
Sprint Cars and Modified Cars! You will learn chassis set-ups and the right line around the track. Cars: Class sprint car or modified race car! Cars: You can bring your own race car. Corporate programs available!
Champion Driving Experience (NV)
Drive Bandoleros or Legend cars whether you’re young or old! Cars: Bandoleros race car. Cars: Legend race car.
Cleveland Speedway Driving School
Learn chassis setup and driving late model modified's! School teaches chassis set-up, shocks and springs, percentages, wheels and tires, toe in and toe out, caster and camber, ride height, stagger, maintaining a race car and how to loosen or tighten a race car.
Cory Kruseman's Sprintcar Driving School (CA)
Drive a Sprint Car or get a ride in a two seater Sprint Car! Cars: Race ready Sprint Car with 360 cubic inch engine. Two Seat Sprint Car: Driven by a professional Sprint Car Driver!
FinishLine Quarter Midget Racing School (FL)
Quarter Midgets for kids to learn to race! Cars: Quarter Midgets can go 30 mph in the straights.
Jimmy Sills School of Open Wheel Racing (CA)
Drive a sprint car or learn race car set-up. Cars: Open wheel Sprint car racers with wings. Cars: 2 Seat Sprint car with Jimmy Sills as Your Driver! Car Set-Up: Advanced Racing Set-Up Courses available!
Ken Bouchard's Tour Modified School (CT)
Open-wheeled Tour modifieds! Cars: Real Featherlite Tour Modifieds with 358ci racing motors, 4 barrel carbs & 4 speed manual transmissions.
Smiley Sitton's Outlaw Driving School (TX)
Authentic World of Outlaws Sprint Cars!
Cars: J & J Sprint Cars, 700+hp 410ci all aluminum fuel
injected engines. Outlaw has wings, no governors, no
throttle stops, these are real race ready sprint cars!
Car: Two-seater rides with a professional sprint car driver!
Your Car: Programs for racers with their own Sprint Cars.
One student per teacher, custom programs available!



California Drag Racing School (CA)
(Drag Racing) (Mechanics Training)
Cars: Dragster 468ci Chevrolet, 150mph in 8 sec.
Cars: Alcohol Dragster Chrysler hemi, 200mph in 6 sec.
Cars: Alcohol Funny Car Chrysler hemi, 200mph in 6 sec.
Cars: Super gas Camaro 468ci Chevy, 150mph in 8 sec.
Get your IHRA License or fuel funny car license!
Driven2win Drag Racing School (FL)
Sport Compact "themed" Drag Racing School
Cars: 400hp Chevy Cobalts, 125mph in 12 sec.
Cars: 800hp Pro Chevy Cobalts
Cars: 1000hp Pro RWD Cavaliers, 175mph in 8 sec.
Dragsters: 1200hp Dragsters, 175mph in 8 sec.
Ride and drive programs and race car rentals
NHRA Licensing courses
Corporate programs available
Doug Foley's Drag Racing School (FL, NJ, PA and Other Scheduled States) (Drag Racing)
Super Comp (Dragster), Super Gas (Door Car) or Your Car.
Cars: Super Comp (Dragster) big-block Chevy's with
Select Performance transmissions & converters.
Cars: Super Gas (Door Car) big-block Chevy's with
Select Performance transmissions & converters. Your Car: Bring your own race car.
Fantasy Ride: (800hp Super Gas Door Car ride)
The Dragster Experience: Cars are capable of
speeds well over 100mph in just seconds.
Get your NHRA Competition License!
Jr Dragster: Students learn the fundamentals of bracket racing. Driving a junior dragster involves a great deal of parental supervision; therefore parents are required to attend the school with their children!
Edmond Richardson School of Drag Racing (TN)
Go experience the thrill of your life! (Drag Racing)
Dragsters: 2002 Small Block, built by Worthy race cars,
from Palmetto, Fl. for the Quick Rod/Super Comp Class.
Cars: Super Rod/Super Gas Class, full body door cars.
Jr.Dragsters: Jr.Dragster Class Race Cars are available.
Your Car: Bring your own dragster or door car car class.
Two-seat Dragster: 5sec 1/8th or an 8sec 1/4 mile pass
with Edmond Richardson or Scotty Richardson driving.
Get your NHRA, IHRA or Super Gas License!
Corporate programs available.
Frank Hawley's (CA, FL) NHRA drag racing school!
Go for it! (Drag Racing) (Motorcycle Drag Racing)
Cars: 200+ mph Top Alcohol Funny Car, 60ft under 1 sec!
Cars: 200+ mph Top Alcohol Dragster, 60ft under 1 sec! Cars: Super Comp Dragster! Cars: Super Gas Firebird! Your Car: Your own race car (FL location only) Bikes: Pro Stock Suzuki, 170 mph in 7 seconds! Earn your NHRA Competition Driver's License! Corporate programs available.
Jerry Bickel Race Cars - Chassis School (MO)
(Chassis School) (Drag Racing) At Jerry Bickel Race Car Performance School students experience one-of-a-kind school that provides state-of-the-art instruction on chassis building.
Roy Hill's Drag Racing School (NC)
(Drag Racing) (Mechanics Training) (Crew Chief Training) Cars: Pro Stock cars, 500ci 1200+hp, 190mph in 7sec. Cars: 1 Pro Stock Mustang, 3 Thunderbirds, 2 Probes, 1 Automatic Super Comp Truck, 1 Pro Stock T-Bird 4 Super Comp Dragsters, 3 Automatic Body Cars & 1 Two-Seater Dragster which is a great instruction. Roy Hill's: Engine, Chassis & Crew Chief courses! Corporate programs available.
Speed Park Motorsports (FL)
(Drag Racing on a fixed track) Four dragsters safely race down the track against each other at the same time on a fixed track. You will be controlling the gas and shifting the car while racing. Cars: Dragsters, 300hp 350 V8's, 0-75+mph in under 3 sec! Corporate programs available.
Speed Zone (CA, TX)
(Drag Racing on a fixed track) Four dragsters safely race down the track against each other at the same time on a fixed track. You will be controlling the gas and shifting the car, all while pulling 2.5 G-forces while racing down the track. Cars: Dragsters, 300hp V8's, 0-70mph in 3 seconds! Corporate programs available.



"Featured School"

Ivor Wigham's Rally School (FL) European Rally School!
Cars: Audi A4. Cars: Lancer Evo5. Cars: Impreza 2.5RS. Cars: Fully rally prepared Neon 2wd. Cars: Fully rally prepared Impreza 2wd. Corporate programs available.

"Additional Rally Schools"

Bridgestone Winter Driving School (CO) Winter rally & performance driving!
Gain extensive understanding of front, rear & all-wheel drive vehicles in a low grip situation & rally techniques. Corporate programs available. Car: Drive your own vehicle.
SCCA Rally (USA)
SCCA RallyCross and SCCA Road Rally. Car: Drive your own vehicle. SCCA Regional Web Sites
Off-Road Experience (CA & Other Scheduled Venues)
Rally driving class is available! Car: Drive your own vehicle.
Team O'Neil Rally School (NH)
Learn Car Control and Rally Driving Techniques. Cars: School prepared vehicles Corporate programs available.



Aaron Stevenson's Cornerspeed™ Riderschool (NC & Other Scheduled States)
Cornerspeed™ is the official rider school for VIR (Virginia International Raceway). Bikes: Bring your own bike!
ASMA Schools (NM)
The race school will be required for anyone wishing to obtain an ASMA race license! Bikes: Bring your own bike!
AzTrackDay (AZ)
Track time for motorcycle enthusiasts, with bikes that are only rented for track use! Bikes: 2001 Yamaha R1, 2002 Yamaha R6, 2001 Kawasaki ZX-6R, 2002 Suzuki GSXR-600.
Class Motorcycle Schools (CA & Other Scheduled States)
A premier motorcycle track school for street motorcyclists. Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Code R.A.C.E. (CA)
This is a school to make you a better racer! Bike: BMW S1000RRs or you own bike!
Ed Bargy Racing School (GA & Other Scheduled States)
Holds sessions at various tracks around the country. Bikes: Bring your own bike!
FasTrack Riders (CA & Other Scheduled States)
Have as much fun as you want without speed limits! Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Frank Hawley's (Many Scheduled States)
NHRA drag racing school! Bikes: Pro Stock Suzuki, 170 mph in 7 seconds! Frank Kinsey Racing School (FL, GA, VA) Interested in motorcycle road racing, or just like to go fast? Bikes: Bring your own bike!
GO 4 IT Racing Schools (CO & Other Scheduled Venues)
What drives you to ride a motorcycle? Bikes: 182hp Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Bikes: 73 hp Suzuki SV650S Bikes: 65hp Kawasaki 500 Ninjas
John Longs Longevity Racing School (FL)
Your best source for road race training! Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Keigwins@theTrack (CA & Other Scheduled Venues) Offers schools and track days.
Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School (AL)
Schwantz amassed 25 Grand Prix wins, 21 lap records, 29 pole positions and the 1993 World Championship. Bikes: Your Suzuki or rent a Suzuki.
Learning Curves Racing Ltd. (WI & Other Scheduled States)
Your all around ticket to racing sport bikes. Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Lone Star Track Days (TX)
Enables enthusiasts access to first class race tracks in Texas! Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Club Road Racing School (WV)
A qualified licensing school by both WERA and CCS. Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Moto Series (OH & Other Scheduled States)
Track days for street riders, track riders, and road racers. Bikes: Bring your own bike!
Northeast Sportbike Association (Many Scheduled States)
Offering opportunities to ride at various racetracks throughout the Northeast, Southeast & Midwest United States. Bikes: Bring your own bike!



AdMo-Tours Dirt Bike Riding School (CA)
Dirt bike training for all motorcyclists 10 years and older! Bike: Bike rentals available.
American Supercamp, Inc.(CO & Other Scheduled States)
Dirt track training for all motorcyclists! Bike: Honda XR100!
AZ Dirt Bike Schools (AZ)
Dirt bike training available to anyone six years and older. Bike: Bring your own bike
Chad Johnson MX School (IL, MN, WI)
Learn from 2 time National Arenacross Champion Chad Johnson. Bike: Bring your own bike
Club57 Motocross School (IL)
Learn to become a better, faster and smarter rider. Bike: Bring your own bike
Coach2Ride (CA)
School teaches riders of all skill levels, from the true beginner, novice riders and street riders how to ride dirtbikes on trails, desert, motocross and more. Bike: Bring your own bike, loaner bikes are also available!
Dirt Bike Mike Motocross Schools
They come to your local track or even your backyard practice track for a class. Bike: Bring your own bike
Donnie Hansen's Motocross Academy (CA & Other Scheduled States)
Motocross school teaches skills & techniques to all levels and ages of riders to sharpen their technical riding skills. Bike: Bring your own bike!
Doyle Motocross School (TX)
Program designed to help new and experienced riders of all age and skill levels. Bike: Bring your own bike
Gary Bailey MX School
(VA & Other Scheduled Venues) Gary Bailey is a world renown instructor of racing and off-road riding techniques. Bike: Bring your own bike!


Palm Breeze Charters (FL) (Off-Shore Racing)
Boat: Super Cat Light Class Race boat! Learn how to drive a Super Cat Light Class Race boat!
Incredible Adventures (FL) (Off-Shore Racing)
Boat: Race across the waves, from Miami Beach to Key Largo in a 42' Comanche Powerboat. Learn the basics of high-performance boating in this offshore adventure.