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DPR Racing has developed over the years, some powerful engine packages for different makes and applications. Custom designed and precision bluprinted, hand assembled in a "clean room" environment. Whether it is for the Custom Tuner Street Car, Dragstrip, Offroad or a full race engine, DPR Racing can build it for you. Each custom built high performance engine is good for Normally aspirated, turbo/supercharged, nitrous and MORE!!! Your engine is built with love and will not leave our shop until it is perfect. 50 lb boost sleeves are used exclusively. DPR Custom pistons, considered the best piston made, are used in each block. All rotating parts are precision fit, and balanced for smooth, powerful operation and long life. BBE Thermal coating, powder coating and epoxy engine paint are all available options, at extra charge.

DPR - Racing Engines


Our "World Famous" Signature Seriestm Custom Racing Engines speak for themselves, at the finish line.

Complete with a DPR Custom Cylinder head, NO COST's spared, and absolutly NO CORNER's CUT, these engines are developed, designed, engineered, and built to withstand the MOST extreme conditions you could ever expect an engine to handle; race, after race, after race..... with DPR Racing engines, you'll come out a WINNER EVERY TIME!!!

(EVERY engine pictured, is a custom racing engine...Beautiful?)

How your engine is built.....

First, the block is cleaned in soap and water, then entire casting is de-burred, and checked, and sent out for re-sleeving. When your block is returned from sleeving, it has been hot tanked, surfaced and bored/honed to size. We then wash your block with soap and water (again), and blow dry it with air. Your crank is crack checked, micropolished and balanced. We choose DPR Pistons and "Total-Seal" rings for all our builds, as we consider them to be the finest piston made at any price. DPR rods are chosen based on your request. New Coated bearings are used. New/DPR Modified OEM oil and water pump will be installed. All parts are precision measured and assembled in a clean environment, then sealed in plastic. Pricing is as follows (based on 4cyl engine): More details and pictures....
  • Re-sleeved block
  • Balanced and micropolished crank
  • New pistons and "Total-Seal" rings
  • New rods with ARP bolts
  • Coated Bearings
  • Custom OEM oil pump
  • Custom OEM Water pump
  • Lower gasket set
  • Blueprint and assembly

  • Starting at $5,150 (parts and labor)
Economy build (OEM sleeves, re-bored and honed) with DPR Customized OEM Pistons and Rods, New Rings, New Bearings, Starting at $2,500 (parts and labor)

ORDER a "Backup" engine at the same time, and get up to 30% discount on entire package.

Add a DPR Custom Cylinder Head to your Build.....

Custom Cylinder Heads are available new or exchange (with core), and can be specifically designed and modified for your project car/bike build. With many options available to enhance power, torque, cooling, oiling and longevity, you can't do better when it comes to matched precision performance, available with the following options:
  • Head Refresh
  • Stage I - Competition Valve Job
  • Stage II - Pocket Port
  • Stage III - Full Porting
  • Stage IV - Full Port Polish, Chamber Mods
  • Stage V - Custom Modified head for each specific application.
  • Stage VI - Custom made, for individual application.
  • Stage VII - Custom engineered, designed, and mfg., for serious individuals and racing teams.

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  Read how to properly "break-in" a new ENGINE!!!

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