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Honda Ruckus

This is the new 2013  RED HEAD, by DPR RACING. It is designed to take advantage of larger carb, pipe, and camshafts.  It out performs any other cylinder head on the market. Available in two intake port configurations. See some of DPR's work here at MotoIQ: Project Ruckus  @ MotoIQ


Parts Description

Red Head

Red Head
The Red-Head is DPR's custom cylinder head for the Honda Ruckus. Cylinder head is disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Competition Ported and polished, ALL the way through the intake and exhaust ports for maximum air flow and port velocity. Head is entirely deburred and flashing removed. Combustion chamber is modified and blended into the seats, shaped, polished, and volume measured. Valve seats are enlarged and machined to preparatory angles and exhaust is blended with a mirror polished radius. Intake runner shape and flow are improved. Measurements are recorded. Comes complete with "Multi-Angle" Valve job, Polished CAM bore, with all hand lapped surfaces, Cylinder head is inspected, tested, cleaned and assembled.

Machine Exterior of Head

Machine exterior of cylinder head and hand finished for smooth, clean, show quality look, ideal preparation for painting or powder coating.

Stage VII Welded Combustion Chamber

Upgrade your combustion chamber to a Signature Series chamber. Welded, shaped, deshrouded and polished... Read More    

Mill Head, Lap, De-burr

Machines deck surface down to make flat and smooth for proper head sealing. May also be done simply to increase compression ratio.
Read More    

DPR "Quench Grooves" in head

"Quench Grooves" direct the compressing gasses towards spark plug. More power, safeguards against detonation and pre-ignition, and improves flame propagation.

Polish Piston Top and Under Side

Polish piston top for cleaner combustion, less deposit build up. Polish under side of piston to allow oil to flow off quicker, aids cooling.

Lighten Piston Pin

Lighten Piston Pin
Lighten piston pin. Spinning at higher RPM, that extra 3 grams is equivalent to 20lbs. of inertia, or 300 more RPM.

Mach2 Camshaft

Mach2 Cam
The Mach2 camshaft provides a step-up in power, increasing lift and duration over the stock cam. Matched to the increased flow capabilities of the Red Head. Increased spring pressure is highly-recommended. Hard face nickel based alloys 100% made in the U.S.A.!!!

Adjustable Cam Sprocket

Cam Sprocket modifications allow you to "degree" your cam for optimum performance. The ONLY adjustable cam sprocket for Honda Ruckus!!!
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Install Cam and Set Lash

Pre-lube cam bearings, and Install Camshaft in head, set intake, and exhaust valve lash.

Mach2 Valve Springs

Mach2 Valve Springs
Matched to the Mach2 camshaft, overcomes the weakness of the stock springs. Recommended for use with both Red Head and stock heads to avoid catastrophic valve float at high RPM.
$25 each

Lightened Rocker Arms

Lightened Rocker Arms
Mach2 'Elite': Reduce your valve train weight for higher RPM, and safeguard against valves "floating" and hitting your piston. lighter than stock including internal oil groove to increase lubrication and protect rockers.
$48 per pair

Mach2 'Ultra Lite': Rockers; Simply the trickiest, lightest, high RPM rockers in existence, to help prevent valve float, and reduce friction. We surface harden it's cam and valve contact areas, as well as it's pivotal surface. High friction areas are treated to improve strength, improve durability, longevity and to lower operating temperatures.
$120 per pair

Modify Rocker Shaft Oiling

Enlarge and elongate oiler holes, polish shaft and supply channel for better high RPM lubrication
$20 each

Intake Alignment Dowels

Intake Alignment Dowels
Stop the manifold from mudslinging with the intake runner and gasket. Our intake dowels provide a positive lock for exact and consistent alignment.

Titanium Valves

Titanium Valves
Lighter and stronger valves; about half the mass of stock valves. Custom shaped, and polished, valves are multi-angle faced, with a reduced stem profile for greater air flow. higher RPM, more POWER, higher redline, more SPEED, and increased reliability.
$130 each

Lighten Retainers

Lighten Retainers

Lighten and Clearance the valve spring retainers, for higher RPM, and clearances needed for larger lift cams.
$20 pair

Modify Stock Carburetor

Modify Stock Carburetor for Higher Flow at full throttle / High Performance.

Mach 2 Intake

Mach2 Intake

Here is how we "fix" the defective aftermarket intake manifold. First, the the taper needs to be inside not outside. As the air and fuel leave the carburetor it must go through a tapered section of manifold where it increases port velocity. A taper on the INSIDE of your manifold WILL create a RAM effect. A stronger, more powerful, and faster intake charge. Higher port velocity WILL give you more power, better throttle response, increased torque, and improved gas MPG. WHY this manifold has a nice taper on the outside and not on the and inside is a mystery as it defy's good fluid dynamics design practices, and basic physics. BUT we fix that all up nice with a high temperature insulating material used at NASA , NASCAR, and at DPR.

Crankcase EVAC

Relieves horsepower robbing pressure that builds inside the crankcase, diverting the gooey/oily vapor from being forced into your clean air fuel mixture, where it would otherwise reduce horsepower with power robbing fumes and sticky oil contaminants. It also helps break in, promotes better ring seal, safeguards against detonation and pre-ignition, keeps oil cleaner, and improves gas mileage. It come with an oil separation tank.

Crankcase Magnetic Particle Trap

"Alnico" magnet that goes outside the crankcase and retains the destructive metal particles that continually flow through your engine, wearing it out far sooner than it should. This innovative design is patent pending and "released" during oil change so all the metal saved or retained can be simply go out when you drain the engine.

Blue Print Oil Pump

Inspect and blueprint internally, for better flow and pressure

Blue Print Oil Passage on Block

Enlarge, radius and modify oil pump match on disassembled case, to improve oil flow and pressure.

Microlon Treatment

A Microlon treatment, properly applied, will provide any engine with a dry-film lubrication that will not only protect the engine but will dramatically reduce friction and wear.

Read more about Microlon...

  • Microlon MIL KIT 20-90cc 4 cycle engines - Add to Oil and Trans
  • $29.95

  • Microlon CL-100 Wheel bearing grease
  • $19.95

  • Microlon CL-100 Race Formula
  • $30

  • Microlon Fuel System 4 oz.
  • $16

  • Microlon Assembly Lube .75 oz.
  • $10

  • Microlon Complete Engine Package, including Head "*" and "**"
    items over $170 if purchased seperatly, NOW ONLY

  • $90

  • Microlon Complete Head ONLY Package "**" items over $65 if
    purchased seperatly, NOW ONLY

  • $50

  • Microlon * Crankshaft and bearings
  • $30

  • Microlon * Piston
  • $25

  • Microlon * Piston Pin
  • $20

  • Microlon * Top Piston Rings
  • $10

  • Microlon * Connecting Rod/Rod bearing
  • $20

  • Microlon ** Camshaft
  • $25

  • Microlon ** Rocker shaft
  • $20

  • Microlon ** Cam Chain, Sprocket, all Bearings
  • $20

  • Microlon Cylinder/Bore
  • $60

    "WPC©" Treatment

    The WPC process is unrivalled in treating engine parts and other surfaces that have contact points of friction.

    Read more about the "WPC" process...

  • WPC Complete Engine Package, including Head "*"
    and "**" items over $285 if purchased seperatly, NOW ONLY

  • $228

  • WPC Complete Head ONLY Package "**" items over
    $142 if purchased seperatly, NOW ONLY

  • $113

  • WPC * Piston Sides
  • $38

  • WPC * Piston Pin
  • $8

  • WPC * Connecting Rod
  • $20

  • WPC * Top Piston Rings
  • $12

  • WPC * Oil Pump
  • $35

  • WPC * Gears and Pinion Set
  • $30

  • WPC ** Spring Retainers (both)
  • $12

  • WPC ** Rocker shafts (both)
  • $13

  • WPC ** Rocker Arms (each)
  • $12

  • WPC ** Cam Sprocket
  • $18

  • WPC ** Camshaft
  • $35

  • WPC ** Valves (each)
  • $10

  • WPC ** Valve Springs - Extends life, maintains pressure (each)
  • $10

  • WPC Cylinder/Bore
  • $60

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