Intake or Exhaust Manifold Porting (Our ported exhaust VS. Aftermarket)
Throttle Body Port Match
Cylinder Head Gasket Match (1 inch)
Starting at $100.00 USD (Labor Only)
Full Runner Port & Polish
Plenum Port & Polish
Starting at $240.00 USD (Labor Only)

Read a document written by Dan Paramore, on WHY intake manifold port matching is so important... [Read more...]

Turbo & Supercharger Porting
Gasket or Step Match
Competition Port & Polish (IN & EX)
Starting at $100.00 USD (Labor Only)

MISC. Housings, Elbows, & Pipes
Gasket or Step Match
Competion Port when applicable
Inlcudes O2 housings, TB Elbows, Up Pipes, Down Pipes, Intercoolers & Piping, etc.
Starting at $25.00 USD (Labor Only)
* Price Varies with size, material, & type of application

Throttle Body Modifications
Complete Teardown and Clean
Knife Edge Throttle Plate
Knife Edge Throttle Arm
Tappered Port & Polished Inlet
Complete Reassembly and TPS Reset
Starting at $150.00 USD (Labor Only)

Lightened Rocker Arms
Detailed Wear Inspection
9 Grams Lighter than Standard Rocker Arms
Ground for Maximum Weight Savings at all lift levels
Available for Honda / Acura
Includes B16A B17A B18C H22A VTEC Forged Pistonss
Starting at $290.00 USD (Labor Only)
Competition Includes:
10 Grams Lighter than Standard Rocker Arms
Balancing to .25 Grams Available
Competiton Set Starting at $490.00 USD (Labor Only)

Piston Polishing
Detailed Inspection
Polished to Remove Potential Hot Spots
Starting at $100.00 USD (Labor Only)

For information on applications and time frame please contact with details about your specific application. You can purchase Accessory Porting by sending payments to Our PayPal "", using the convenient link.

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