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Consulting and Education

One of the best things you can buy is knowledge and experience. It is the key to any successful project. Whether it is a wedding planner, a lawyer, an architect, business planner or an engine consultant, knowledge is power. It can move you to the front of the pack. It can protect you from "bad buys" and prevent failures. It certainly can save you lot's of headaches, heartaches, money and time in the long run.

Shops, race teams and car manufacturers world-wide request him to help out with engine developments. His knowledge of engine development and experience with 30+ years of racing make him one of our days' foremost engine "gurus".

Should you be a shop owner, a race team or just an enthusiastic individual who is trying to learn about engines or tries to figure out what you need for your specific application, you can contact Dan and for a very reasonable compensation he can help you achieve your goals.

Shops and race teams fly him around all year long so wherever you are is not a limitation on his ability to help or teach you.

Our standard rate for Education time is arranged ahead of time via phone or E-mail, and paid via PayPal.

Select the PayPay link to send payment.     You need to contact to request an appointment either via phone, or in person to set up time.

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