DPR Racing is World Famous for it's custom competition cylinder heads, engineered and "purpose built" for each individual's specific application, whether it's a stock restoration, added power for towing or pulling, or all the modifications needed for competing and Winning, on and off road, or in the water for our special marine applications.

We have simplified how to choose from the many available options, by creating seven "package" modification groups, and here is how we briefly describe them:
Head Refresh: We inspect head as is arrives, take apart, and inspect individual components of the head, clean the head and all the supplied components, Re-assemble head, hand lap valves, re-inspect. This provides assurance the cylinder head is in working order, no problems exist, and the valves seal. Click here to read a testamonial from a customer.

Stage I: ...... Competition multi-angle valve job.

Stage II:..... 30mm Pocket Port and Polish, and Competition multi-angle valve job.

Stage III: .... Full port and polish, Competition multi-angle valve job, polish chambers.

Stage IV:.... Modify combustion chambers, CC balance, Full port and Polish, Comp. MA valve job.

* Stage V:... Custom Modified head for each specific application.

* Stage VI:... Custom made, for individual.
(requires specific instructions and communication from customer)

* Stage VII:... Custom engineered, designed, and manufactured for specific application and usage.
    (requires in depth communication with customer/racing team including documentation of goals,
    rules,and racing program/restrictions). Includes in-depth modification procedures, and
    development, for the most serious individuals and racing teams.

* Note: Not recommended for use on "STOCK" lower ends!!! (These packages available ONLY by special request!!!)
All Stages of modification are available for just about ANY make and ANY model of car, truck, bike, boat, or ATV. Prices shown on the following pages are "package deals", reflecting up to 20% savings, off the price of the work, if done individually. Select your automotive maker, and see what we can do to put you at the front of the pack, with the power, reliability, and longevity you demand!
As anyone with any automotive credibility realizes, when it comes to cylinder heads there is no such thing as "One Size Fits All". Don't settle for whatever is gathering dust on warehouse shelves! You deserve the best. You deserve a DPR cylinder head! [Continue...]

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