Use DPR packing procedures when you ship us your head!

Here are some detailed instructions on how to ship a cylinder head to us. Along with these instructions, please wrap parts separately!!! Make sure parts are not going to rub or bang against each other. Deck surfaces on cylinder heads need to be double card boarded so they won't get scratched or gouged. Steel manifolds need to be wrapped in cardboard individually. Throttle bodies need to be placed in individual boxes as well. Following these procedures will ensure that your parts will arrive at our offices without any chips or scratches.

Prepare head for shipping, clean head of heavy grease and oil.
Place head into a plastic bag to prevent oil and grease from getting out of the box.
Tape bag closed to prevent oil leakage.
Wrap cardboard around head for protection.
Wrap it tight and tape it closed.
Head wrapped in cardboard. This is the best way to protect your
Get a box that is rated for the weight. (No potato chip boxes) Check out the rating tag on the
box. These are the boxes that we use that are double walled boxes.

Use a box that is big enough so the head will have enough padding on the sides and top.
Put padding on the bottom and sides of the box. (Popcorn or
newspaper will work)
Place head in the box with the padding.
Put padding on the top and sides.
Tape up the top and the sides with a strong tape.
Use a proper label on the box.Typed out is good so everyone can read it. You should use a reliable shipping company. Insurance responsibility is up to YOU as the customer.
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See what happens if you don't pack properly...

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