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"Lesher Racing Team"

Lesher Racing daring to double enter their 1600cc restricted class against the larger open class unlimited class gives them a win for the money. The support helicopter was the only thing that could hang with them through the brutal desert as they take the fastest lap ever recorded. With a sizable lead by the 2nd lap, a steering pump fails. This adds an extra 16 pit stops turning their race into a rabbit and turtle race. The father son team supported by DPR Racing still manages to pull of a 2nd in class and 3rd overall and fastest of the day victory.

Our Off-Road History

Dan Paramore was born into racing and high performance. An engineer and a racer his father David had already proved his success with wins and breaking world speed records. A & D Buggies an off road paradise, was home to Dan sometimes sleeping to the sound of a tuned exhaust on the dyno at 2AM. At early age of 11, Dan followed the off road sport via special pillows on the seat to reach the clutch. At age 13, in a specially prepared mid engine VW, off road racer he was the youngest to run exhibition race events at the famed ASCOT Raceway. Dan spent many hours on the flow bench, and studied designing, welding, and machine work. The family was heavily involved in off road racing and recreation including dozens of victories such as the Baja 1000. Working 36 hours a week through high school, 50 +hrs of machining, porting, college at night and racing was the norm.

A personal championship, drag racing, several visits to Japan and management followed. After marrying Yuri, a successful position of head of foreign operation, building race engines for a Japanese company Dan received a job offer from TRD. Toyota wasn't hungry for the GTP Championship dominated by Nissan. More trips to Japan and three unbelievably successful years of cylinder head development for TRD, Dan racked up over 500 cylinder heads, and countless victories for Toyota.

The "Off-Road" Division was lead by world famous driver, Ivan Stewart, in both Desert and Stadium races, driving Toyota trucks, with DPR built engines, and heads. Lured to another team as the 90's started, DPR was made official. Success was instant as DPR brought innovated engine designs and state of the art flow tested cylinder heads to the road, off-road, import and domestic car markets. Glen Hellen`s Off Road Series 3 championships in DPR's first year, and 80 cars in the Honda and Toyota professional racing world. Racing “round the world”, DPR`s full fabrication, machine shop, in ground dyno and full line of aftermarket parts kept him more than busy. We were heavily involved with Honda Motors Inc., including contributing to several performance books, and well over a hundred mens and automotive magazines, import tuner magazines, seminars, lectures, class time, and trips abroad.

Engine, and parts development brought Dan to a point the needed to get back to the dirt and have some fun. Ruddick's Toyota truck championship was fun. Honda was finally allowed to compete in class 10 and Lesher Racing stepped in. In their first year, they won was not one but won and ended up tops in 5 championships by double entries in the Unlimited class racing against “anything goes” against their 1600cc rocket. Rally racing, and even an IIRA ice racing championship made 2001 and 2002 interesting. 2002 brought only 11 championships, 7 track records, and 6 land speed records, but at least we were out having fun again.

In 2003 we added a DPR East Coast branch that subsequently closed when they went "maverick" on us.

Go-Kart Racing

We've even designed, worked on, and built some serious Go-Karts, complete with a Stage VII, Yamaha 100cc 2-Stroke Kart motor, putting out some un-real power and acceleration, for something that's 1" off the ground......(this is what they look like if you let a "rookie" drive them)...

And now we proudly distribute winning engines, cylinder heads, and a new line of quality, cutting edge, performance engine components to all corners of the world. Now we have an old-time off-roader(Jack) helping to run the business, and keep the dirt fun!

Thank you for your time to research us, and consider DPR for your high performance Off Road needs, and high performance fun.

Rally Ready Driving School

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