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DPR Racing - Research and Development Division

We have a passion for RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. Dan Paramore's success goes back over 40 years now, but his father's goes back to 1940's, with R & D into valve train, exhaust, and induction modifications that put Porsche into the record books.

We have worked for large Corporations, doing their R & D in each case, over the years, for Honda (Automotive and Motorcycle Divisions), Toyota (TRD and Lexus), Nissan and Yamaha, where budget was not a problem and where we gained a lifetime worth of hands on, technical experience, in a professional racing environment, which is something money can't buy. This is experience we willing to share with you, to get your vehical's engine running the best it can.

We have developed many "Secret Weapon's" over the years, for many famous name Racers, Race Teams, Manufacture's Teams, Pro and Amature Teams and Individuals, and our favorite-"first timers", for under the hood's of their cars, trucks, buggy's, and bikes on and off road, in the harshest of conditions, all over the world. Most if not ALL of them won, dominated a class, set a speed record, broke a world record, or completed on time, but they all finished, and drove home, and some drove the same car to work on Monday morning.

Where to Start...

Ideally, we'd like to get involved on the beginning of your performance build, helping you plan, get started right, implement the plan, and following the project to completion, but we don't live in an ideal world.

All builds should start with a "purpose" or "goal", and a budget, (sometimes a time frame too...) and hopefully the goal can be reached the build is possible, within the alotted time, and at or under the budget! Wouldn't this be great, if we could all pull it off?

There are a LOT of reasons it's not working right.....

At DPR Racing, our philosophy

"D.I.R.T.F.T." or "Do It Right The First Time" by asking the professionals for their time, advise, experience, and know-how. Save time and money by NOT experimenting with combinations of aftermarket products with BIG promises (and price tages!) that claim to do this, or that. Ideally, we'd like to get involved on the beginning of your performance build, helping you plan, get started right, implement the plan, and following the project to completion (and maybe even drive it!), but we don't live in an ideal world.

Many build's have problem(s), and although everybody has an opinion of what it is, few will actually find, let alone solve it.

That's where our type of R & D is invaluable! Just give us an issue like; Over heating, detonation, pre-ignition, running at extreem altitude, or in extreem temperatures(-20 to +130 degrees), not enough torque, or the power falls off too soon? These are the type of problem we've been diagnosing, tracking down, and solving since the 1940's, with Professionalism, precision, careful diagnosis, skill, finess, math, physics, testing, machining, polishing, coating, measuring, sweating, fitting and mock-up, tenacity, re-measuring, testing again, tightening, re-checking, before it's absolutly perfect and we get the result we want.(we'll settle for nothing less)!

With the experience we've obtained, along with a state of the art "R & D" Staff & facility, digital diagnostic test equipment, infra-red thermal monitors, networked diagnostic computers, networked diagnostic flow bench, access to a dynomometer to prove results, and "track records" to show we never settle for second best, DPR Racing is there for YOU, to HELP solve problems, and get you going FAST!

Our standard rate for R & D time is $250.00 Per/Hour per hour arrainged ahead of time via phone or E-mail, and paid via PayPal.
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How to get HELP:

You need to contact customerservice@dprracingdevelopment.com to request an appointment either via phone, or in person, to get the ball rolling.

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