ORDERS: All orders placed with DPR Racing (phone, fax, mail, internet/web & e-mail) constitute the acknowledgement and acceptance of all conditions listed on DPR Racings Price List and all conditions listed below. ALL orders shipped to a California Address must pay California Sales Tax. This is required by the California State Board of Equalization. In the event that an order placed on the web does not show Sales Tax and the order is being shipped to a California Address, DPR Racing will calculate the Sales Tax when the order is processed. There will be no notification made regarding the adjustment of the total amount of the order reflecting Sales Tax.

Additional work (unknown or undisclosed at this time) that may be required to complete this job properly is not an intentional attempt to mislead the customer as to the complexity or cost of the finished job and is not to be construed as misrepresentation, fraud or deception on the part of DPR Racing, or any of the sub-contractors they may use. (Many parts remain hidden until disassembly, cleaning and thorough inspections have been performed.) Customer will be immediately notified in cases such as these to clarify additional tasks that may be required, at additional cost to complete this job.

JOB COMPLETION/PAYMENT: Within 30 days of notification that job(s) have been completed, the customer will pay Invoice total (in full), will supply a core and pay core deposit charge (in full)-when applicable, and pick up, or arrange for insured shipping, including a specific shipping date for pick up at DPR Racing. After 30 days, parts will incur a storage charge of .5% of the total invoice charge, each day it remains stored, until 60 days have been reached, at which time, parts, will be sold, to recover the cost of the work performed. If the cost of the work performed, is not covered by the subsequent sale, the customer may be held liable for the difference, after a court hearing.

PARTS and LIABILITY: All parts (not limited to, and including parts, supplied by customer and subsequently modified or otherwise "treated" by DPR Racing), remain the property of DPR Racing, until the core charge is received and cleared (when applicable), job invoice is paid in FULL and cleared, and arrangement(s) for shipping have been completed, with a specific shipping date. Purchaser agrees to pay in full all storage costs, collection costs, including collection agencies, reasonable attorney fees and court costs that are incurred by the seller, to enforce payment of this contract.

PRICES: All prices, materials, design, color, contents included with a product, and product specifications are subject to change without notice. Some product images may be shown with optional items that are sold separately. Depending on the product(s) ordered and the destination of the order, certain shipping services may not be available. DPR Racing reserves the right to change the method of shipping suited to the product(s) ordered and the destination of the package(s).

CREDIT CARDS: All Credit Card Orders can only be shipped to a VERIFIED Billing Address. Credit Card Orders will not be shipped until all information are verified and matched. All other orders (Check, Money Order, & Gift Certificate) will not be shipped until payment has been received in full. All unpaid orders will be cancelled after 30 calendar days. As a security precaution, all IP Addresses will be recorded for each completed web transaction. Pay-Pay is our preferred method of payment, for it's convenience and for protecting both us and the customer in payment disputes. Click here to Visit PayPal Site for Details

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Return for exchange or refund will be allowed only within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt. All authorized return merchandise must be unused and in its original saleable packaging. No return or exchange on merchandise that shows signs of having been installed, modified, mounted, scratched, or defaced will be allowed. See (RNA)

SHIPPING: All Shipping is the responsibility of the customer. DPR Racing will not be held liable for any un-insured shipments, to or from the customer, and all shipping and insurance costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Any damage claims must be handled with the shipping carrier, according to the agreement between the shipper and customer.   See how to correctly pack a head for shipping.

CORES: DPR Racing must receive all Core Returns within 30 calendar days of the invoice date, and in good condition, with no bent, broken or burnt valves, no bent or broken springs, no burnt valve seats, cracks, holes, rust, grease, oil, dirt, welding, no warpage, no missing parts, in order to receive a core charge refund. Cores will be shipped to us, and insured and paid for, by the customer, and upon receipt of core by DPR Racing, inspection, verification of usefulness, the core deposit fee will be refunded within 30 business days, in the same fashion in which it was paid. (i.e.: cash for cash, credit for credit). Core problems such as burnt/broken components, missing components will be brought to customers attention immediately upon receiving and inspecting the core, and with our discretion, may still be acceptable if core charge deposit is sufficient to cover repair of damage.

RESTOCKING: A 20% RESTOCKING FEE will be assessed on all Returned Item(s), Refused Shipments, and Canceled Orders that have been Shipped. Shipping Charges are NON-REFUNDABLE. All returned merchandise must be unused and in its original saleable packaging. Returned items will only be accepted if the items are returned to DPR Racing within 14 Calendar Days of the Invoice Date. Selecting an expedited shipping method does not guarantee that the order will be shipped by a certain date. An expedited shipping method only instructs DPR Racing to use that method of shipping when the order is processed and ready to ship.

RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER: A Return Authorization Number or "R.A." must be issued by our office, before any returns can be made. We will not accept any returns without this number. Please write the number clearly on the outside of your returning package and tag the item(s) inside with your name and R.A. Number. DPR Racing must receive the return within 10 calendar days after the R.A. Number has been issued. The Return Authorization Number does not imply a replacement or refund, but only that we will inspect the merchandise based on your claim. Returns must be sent freight prepaid and insured by you. A refund, exchange, or core return will not be considered until all relevant items, hardware, and accessories have been returned to DPR Racing. Original shipping and handling charges are not refundable. All custom entry fees and duty associated with any return or exchanges will be charged to the customer. A photocopy of your invoice showing the invoice number must accompany your return along with a written explanation and a contact telephone number where we may be able to reach you. It is the responsibility of the customer/installer to verify the correctness of size and application of all parts before installation.

SHORTAGE(S): Shortage claims must be made within 5 working days of receipt date. All claims for damaged merchandise must be made with the shipping carrier. Please keep all shipping cartons and all packing materials for carrier inspection. DPR Racing cannot initiate any claims with the carrier. All approved refunds will be paid either by Company Check, Credit Card Credit, or Account Credit, to be determined by DPR Racing. A 20% restocking fee will be assessed on all authorized returns. All special orders (personalized/specially fitted) items must be paid in full at the time of order. All special orders and custom orders will be processed in the most timely and efficient manner possible; however, DPR Racing will not be held responsible for delays above and beyond its control. No cancellations, refunds, or exchanges on special order items or custom order items. Any refused shipments sent back to DPR Racing does not constitute the right to a refund or credit. It is the customer's responsibility to make all arrangements with DPR Racing for refused shipments. It is company policy to charge the customer all freight charges associated with the shipment and a 20% restocking fee on all products shipped.

DISCLAIMER NOTIFICATION: All engine modification components, except those that are exempt (C.A.R.B.), have been designed and are intended for racing and off-highway application ONLY! These components are legal in California for racing vehicles only, which may never be used on public roads and highways. Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperable of any device or element of design affecting vehicle emission or safety in a vehicle used on public highways. Violation of such laws may subject the owner or user to a fine or penalty. Installation of this part may void the warranty coverage, if any, on your vehicle. Vehicles modified by the use of performance parts may no longer be lawfully used on public highways. Further, all engine parts, headlight units, and electrical components are sold AS IS without any warranty and may not be returned. User assumes all cost and risks associated with these and other import items.

WARRANTY: It is the goal of DPR Racing, to give our customers the highest quality products obtainable. DPR Racing warrants each new product, except Signature Series Racing Engines, to be free from defects in both workmanship and material for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, provided that the product is properly installed, subjected to normal use and service and that the product is not modified or changed in any way, nor damaged because of negligence by customer or installer or used for racing or competition purposes. Customers who believe they have a defective product should either return it to the dealer from which it was purchased or ship it directly to DPR Racing, along with proof of purchase and a complete description of the problem. The product must be returned freight prepaid. If a thorough inspection of the product by the factory indicates defects in workmanship or material, our sole obligation shall be to repair or replace the product. Warranty covers only the product itself and not the cost of installation or removal. Many of the parts sold or listed herein are designed for off-highway use only. Installation of “off-highway� parts may impair your vehicle’s emission control system performance, these parts should not be installed on any vehicle used on any street or highway. Any installation as such could adversely affect the warranty coverage for an on-street or highway vehicle and violates state or federal emission laws.

In the event that legal proceedings are required to resolve disputes or indifferences, all claims and filings must be made with a reasonable time period after purchase (90 Days). DPR Racings Customers will acknowledge and agree to this stipulation once the transaction has been made with DPR Racing.


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